A Vision of Mermaid Elegance

The journey began with a vision to blend the heirloom diamonds into a new design, centered around an extraordinary sapphire. Sourced from Golcanda, a New York dealer known for ethical and unique gemstones, the selected mermaid sapphire was set to be the heart of this transformation. This partnership, over a decade in the making, ensured that the chosen sapphire was as unique as the story it was part of.

Casting the final piece in 14k grey gold—an alloy mixing gold with palladium—was a deliberate choice to enhance the sapphire's mesmerizing hues. This modern metal not only provided a subtle, sophisticated backdrop but also elevated the overall design, making the sapphire's colors truly stand out.

The result is a testament to the timeless beauty of blending old and new. The heirloom diamonds, now accompanying the captivating sapphire, create a narrative of continuity and innovation. This piece is not just jewelry; it's a bridge between generations, celebrating family legacy through the lens of modern craftsmanship.In this creation, Vena Amoris showcases the power of jewelry to tell stories, linking past and present with unparalleled elegance.