Traditional belief established that this vein ran directly from the heart to the fourth finger of the left hand. This theory has been cited in western cultures as one of the reasons the engagement ring and/or wedding ring was placed on the fourth finger, or "ring finger". It is to be noted that this traditional belief is a fallacy as all the fingers in the hand have a similar vein structure.  The belief may not be true, but vein of the love story is for each client.

Tesia Alexandra started designing and creating jewelry after being an engagement and wedding ring blogger. She had a thirst to not just look at other people's work, but to fully understand the process.  Vena Amoris stemmed from her fascination with the idea of the engagement ring throughout history.

Vena Amoris brand, much like the jewelry, stems from those historic beliefs.  From the ancient Greek's using a string of hemp to tie it onto a lover’s finger to the advent of the diamond ring in the 1900's, traditions changed but the sentiment was always there.  There are no traditions when it comes to love, and the designs of Vena Amoris take that into account, creating each piece by hand using a variety of materials.  Based on a love of art history, Vena’s style is romantic, bohemian and whimsical,  a gift brought back through time for the ages.  Each piece is uniquely handcrafted to fit the situation using a variety of metals and precious gems.

Since it's creation, Vena has been about ethical practice understanding gold if not all is in part recycled.  Committed to being ethical, environmental aware and transparent with clients from star to finish in our process.  These include recycled metals and works with vender that also have suitable practices.  Vena Amoris also goes out of it's way to work with ethical gemstone vendors. Vena uses everything, from reclaimed, ethically mined to synthetic gemstones. 

She has been recognized by Refinery 29, The Huffington Post, Metal and Smith ambasador and Etsy many times over for her unique style, affordability and ethical jewelry.  Vena was a 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Finalist.


Tesia Alexandra resides Brooklyn, New York, with her black GSD Lucifer