• Always protect your jewelry from sharp blows, scratching, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold.
  • Store your jewelry in a soft lined box or pouch.
  • Clean your jewelry occasionally using a professional jewelry cleaning solution that is safe for gold and silver. 
  •  We do not recommend swimming wearing your jewelry as chlorinated and salt water can cause damage to all metals even gold.
  •  Avoid wearing jewelry while cleaning, gardening, performing sports activities, or manual labor.
  •  Tarnish is a natural occurrence as a result of oxidation.
  •  Always inspect your gold jewelry for weakness or damage.


Pearls are very soft and need special care. After wearing, gently wipe the pearl with a soft cloth or chamois and store in the jewelry box provided away from other jewelry. Keep away from rough surfaces and scratchy fabrics as pearls are soft and delicate by nature and may be prone to scratching. Only use cleaners labeled safe for pearls. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner or steam-clean pearls.
Besides, pearls are easily damaged by to much direct sunlight,  perfume, vinegar and lemon juice. Heat can turn pearls brown or dry them out and make them crack. Dry air can also damage pearls.

Only use jewelry cleaners labeled as safe for pearls. 
Do not expose to to dish or wash detergents, bleaches, powdered cleansers, baking soda, or ammonia-based cleaners (like Windex). Do not wear when applying cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume, or when showering or swimming

We encourage you to send your jewelry back to us for professional servicing. Contact us.