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Discover Elegance Redefined: 18k yellow Gold Solitaire with Montana Sapphire™.

Featured in Refinery29's "30 Mind-Blowing Engagement Rings Made In NYC," our enchanting diamond solitaire ring with a modern twist is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and the beauty of simplicity. Handmade in New York with meticulous attention to detail, this piece celebrates the timeless appeal of solitaires while embracing a modern aesthetic.

At the heart of this exquisite ring is a 0.39 carat American Mined™ Montana Sapphire™, set in a 4mm cushion faceted stone that radiates with an unparalleled sparkle. Each Montana Sapphire™ is known for its unique beauty and ethically sourced origins, making your ring not just a statement of love but a commitment to responsible luxury.

Crafted from solid 18k yellow gold, the band measures a delicate 1.5 mm, designed to offer comfort and elegance in size 6.5. This piece stands out as a breathtaking engagement ring and seamlessly integrates into a stacking collection, offering versatility and style.

Our commitment to traditional metalwork and hand-carved lost wax techniques distinguishes every piece of Vena Amoris jewelry. Unlike the mass-produced alternatives, our jewelry is imbued with the soul and story of the artisan, offering a truly unique symbol of your love.

Elevate your collection with this masterpiece that embodies the essence of New York's renowned craftsmanship and the timeless beauty of Montana Sapphires™. For those who value artistry and sustainability equally, this ring promises to be a treasured addition to any ensemble.

-30 Mind-Blowing Engagement Rings Made In NYC.  

It would also make a great addition to a stacking collection.

  • solid 18k gold 
  • 1.5 mm sized band
  • size 6.5
  • . 39  carat American Mined™ Teal Montana Sapphire™ 4mm Cushion Faceted Stone
  • handmade in New York

Custom version of this ring can be made please email.

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