1.45-Carat Emerald Engagement Ring in 18k Champagne Gold

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Discover the Timeless Symbolism of Emeralds 

Discover the timeless symbolism of emeralds with our modern twist on the classic 4-prong solitaire. Since antiquity, emeralds have symbolized spiritual awareness, protection, love, and wisdom. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed it represented the Goddess Venus, making it a conveyor of hope and love.

Embrace the rich history and symbolism with this 2mm wide rose gold beauty, featuring a stunning 1.45-carat emerald surrounded by 16 1.2mm emeralds. 

Key Features:

Solid 18k Champagne Gold: Crafted from luxurious 18k champagne gold, offering a unique and contemporary touch.

Stunning Center Emerald: A 1.45-carat, 7mm round cut emerald known for its rich color and exceptional brilliance.

Elegant Surrounding Stones: The center emerald is surrounded by 16 1.2mm emeralds, adding depth and extra sparkle.

Handmade Excellence: Each ring is meticulously handcrafted in New York, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Custom-Made Perfection: Every ring is custom-made to fit your preferences. If you have a specific budget or customization request, please email us.


Metal: Solid 18k Champagne Gold
Center Gemstone: 1.45-carat, 7mm round cut emerald
Surrounding Gemstones: 16 1.2mm emeralds
Band Width: 2mm
Size: Custom sizes available

Why Choose Our Emerald Engagement Ring?

This engagement ring is more than just jewelry; it symbolizes your unique love story, combining timeless beauty with modern elegance. It is perfect for those who appreciate high-quality, handmade jewelry and unique gemstone settings.

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