Brilliant Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring in 14k Grey Gold

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The Vesta Collection is named after the goddess of marriage and the home. In her temple, the flame of Rome's standard hearth, the focal point of the family, burns eternally. This flame of enduring love is beautifully symbolized in every ring we create.

The Vesta ring boasts a hero center stone surrounded by a dazzling halo of diamonds. It's more than just a ring; it's a testament to your love's enduring flame.

Key Features:

Stunning Center Stone: This exquisite piece's hero is a 5mm natural rose-cut blue sapphire.

Dazzling Diamond Halo: Surrounding the sapphire are 13 1.5mm diamonds, adding brilliance and sparkle.

Luxurious 14k Grey Gold: Crafted from 14k grey gold, offering a unique and contemporary touch.

Elegant Design: Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of tradition and the promise of a bright future.

Perfect Fit: Available in size 6.5 (custom sizes available upon request).


Metal: 14k Grey Gold
Center Gemstone: 5mm Natural Rose Cut Blue Sapphire
Accent Gemstones: 13 1.5mm Diamonds
Size: 6.5 (Custom sizes available)
Why Choose the Vesta Collection?

Embrace the beauty of tradition and the promise of a bright future with Vena Amoris. This ring is more than just jewelry; it symbolizes your love's enduring flame. It is perfect for those who appreciate high-quality, handmade jewelry with deep symbolism and timeless design.

Shop now and make your love story unforgettable with the Vesta Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring.

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