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Discover the Bold Elegance of the 18k Yellow Gold Solitaire with Black Diamond™ Ring - A Modern Classic for the Unconventional Bride"

Featured in Refinery29's "30 Mind-Blowing Engagement Rings Made In NYC," our captivating 18k Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring redefines elegance with a distinctive modern twist. Handcrafted with precision in New York, this ring is a symbol of unmatched craftsmanship and the allure of simplicity. Celebrating the timeless charm of solitaire designs while infusing contemporary flair, this piece is an ode to those who cherish both tradition and innovation.

At the core of this stunning ring is a mesmerizing 0.50 carat Black Diamond, a gemstone known for its depth, strength, and mystery. Black diamonds symbolize enduring love, making them a compelling choice for couples seeking an alternative to traditional bridal jewelry. Their bold beauty and uniqueness mirror the strength and uniqueness of your relationship, offering a powerful statement of commitment.

Crafted from solid 18k yellow gold, the band's slender 1.5 mm profile is meticulously designed to blend comfort with sophistication. Perfect as an exquisite engagement ring or as part of a chic stacking set, this piece offers versatility and style that caters to the modern bride's desires.

Our dedication to traditional metalwork and hand-carved lost wax techniques ensures that each Vena Amoris piece stands apart from mass-produced jewelry. By choosing our Black Diamond Solitaire, you're not just selecting a ring; you're embracing a piece with a soul, narrating the artisan's story, and offering a truly unique symbol of your love.

Elevate your bridal collection with this masterpiece that captures the essence of New York's renowned craftsmanship and the timeless elegance of black diamonds. For those who value artistry, sustainability, and a nod to alternative bridal trends, this ring promises to be a cherished emblem of your unique bond.

Straightforward with a modern twist diamond solitaire - featured on refinery29 -30 Mind-Blowing Engagement Rings Made In NYC. 

It would also make a great addition to a stacking collection.

  • solid 18k Gold
  • 1.75mm sized band
  • 4mm Black diamond
  • handmade in New York
A custom version of this ring can be made; please email.

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